Film and Television


THE LIFT is a short film, a RiverCrossing Production, written by Mark Clementson, adapted and directed for the screen by Luisa Pretolani and starring Ivano Marescotti

Filming is now complete. The film should be edited by mid December.

TV and Film Credits

Living (short film)                              River Crossing Productions       Writer/Assistant Director

Various factual                                  National Geographic Channel       Producer

Various factual                                  Discovery Channel                        Producer

Munich Air Disaster: I Was There       National Geographic Channel           Producer/Director

Dexter:  Behind the Scenes                  Fox                                                   Producer

Homes Under the Hammer  (s2)            Lion TV                                            Producer/Director

Homes Under the Hammer (s1)             Lion TV                                            Assistant Producer

Neighbours from Hell (special)              Carlton Television                           Assistant Producer

Find Your Family (series)                       Carlton Television                           Assistant Producer

Bargain Hunt                                         BBC                                                  Researcher

Late Night London                                Carlton Television                            Researcher

Renovation Street                                 Carlton Television                           Researcher

Better Gardens                                      Granada Television                         Researcher

Also worked on:  50 worst TV moments, (Yorkshire),  Horizon  (BBC), Red Alert (Ginger), Better Homes (Granada), Better Homes (Granada)


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